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Bellar Dhall [அவரை பருப்பு]


If they are harvested raw and not used, if they are dried and the seeds are preserved and used, it is called dal. Dried lentils, pulses and pulses can be stored for several months. Even if they are stored like that, the nutrients in them will not decrease


Heart Health:
Since gram is rich in soluble fibers, it controls blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improves heart health. Hence, gram is very good for the heart.

Bone Health:
Chickpeas are rich in calcium. It helps in the development of our bones and teeth. So bones and teeth are healthy.

Due to the rich amount of fiber in chickpeas, it makes the food we eat pass smoothly through our intestines, improves digestion and prevents constipation.

mental stress:
The taste of Bhankai relieves stress. Chickpeas are high in the amino acid L-dopa. This is what gives it the flavor. That taste gives us happiness and relieves stress.

Red blood cells:
Buckwheat contains iron. It is very essential for the production of red blood cells in our body. So it is good to include Bhankai in the diet often.

To boost immunity:
Bananas are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and protects us from diseases.

To lose weight:
Chickpeas are rich in protein. Thus, it has been found in studies that the cholesterol levels decrease and the body weight decreases if you eat Bhankai regularly.

Buckwheat contains potassium and electrolytes, which help in maintaining the balance of water and acids in our body.

Appetite Suppressant:
Bhankai has high calorie burning power. And since it also contains protein, we get a feeling of fullness when we eat banana.





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