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Bengal Gram [கருப்பு சுண்டல்]


Let us have a look at the amazing health benefits offered by Bengal gram.
  • Improves digestion. Bengal gram helps improve your digestive system because of the fibre content in it and it also prevents constipation. …
  • Boosts energy. …
  • Improves bone health. …
  • Treats anaemia. …
  • Prevents diabetes.

Soaked black chana is a good source of minerals like magnesium and potassium, which will help to prevent high blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels, hence it will boost heart health. Additionally, eating black chana regularly will promote production of butyrate, a fatty acid that reduces inflammation
Gram is found in various types like Bengal gram garbanzo, Egyptian pea, etc. It is an ingredient that is used for culinary purposes. It is rich in essential vitamins, fibre and helps in improving digestion. It has a high content of protein and offers a variety of health benefits.
Bengal Gram, often called dark brown peas or chana, is usually considered a vital pulse due to its high protein and fibre content


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