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Black Dry Grapes [கருப்பு உலர் திராட்சை]


Black dry grapes are the solution for many problems like anemia, digestive disorder, blood poisoning, cholesterol etc. Eases Digestion : Generally, fruits are high in fiber. In particular, dried black grapes are high in fiber


Eating dried raisins soaked in water or boiled in water can prevent many problems. Now let’s see what are the benefits of soaking dried raisins in water.
Raisin is available in three colors black, green and golden. These contain nutrients like vitamin B, C, folic acid, iron, carotenes, lutein, potassium, calcium and magnesium. People suffering from any health problem can eat these dry grapes without any fear.

People who suffer from constipation, boil 20 raisins in a cup of water, mash it, mix it with honey and drink it twice a day to get rid of constipation quickly. This method can be followed during pregnancy.

Anemic people can increase the amount of red blood cells if they eat it as a daily snack or soak it in water at night and consume dry grapes with water the next morning.

Black grapes have no cholesterol. So people with cholesterol problems, if they consume it often, the bad cholesterol stored in the body will decrease.

This is the method recommended by Ayurveda to cure any infection in the urinary tract. It consists of soaking 8-10 raisins in a cup of water at night and consuming it with water on an empty stomach the next morning.

People who suffer from body heat, boil 20-25 dry grapes in a liter of water, let it cool, drink that water throughout the day and consume dry grapes, body heat will soon subside.


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