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Cardamom [ஏலக்காய்]


Fights Bad Bacteria Cardamom is high in antioxidants and has anti-bacterial properties. Regular intake of cardamom in the diet will maintain oral hygiene. People suffering from bad breath and bad breath can get relief by eating cardamom.

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It is used for aroma and flavor in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines across India. Cardamom is not only used for its spicy flavor and aroma, but also for its medicinal properties.

Cardamom is classified as a member of the ginger family. Both cardamom and ginger have similar health benefits. Cardamom is based on the motto of Tamils that food is medicine. Eating cardamom cures bad breath, heart related problems, hiccups, skin infections etc.

Cardamom, which is featured in our Indian spices, has many nutrients. Cardamom contains carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Thus, cardamom is considered as a beneficial food for the body.

So, if you eat cardamom, you can get health, and those who want to eat cardamom can eat it in many ways. Cardamom can be eaten directly to get rid of bad breath.

More importantly, consume at least 3 cardamoms in warm water every night before going to sleep. If you eat 3 cardamoms daily like this, you will get good sleep. The problem of snoring will be solved.

Consuming 3 cardamoms in warm water daily cures problems like flatulence, indigestion, constipation and stomach cramps. Apart from that, cardamom is beneficial for people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

More importantly, know that cardamom has the power to change the mood of those suffering from mental illness. Cardamom is an excellent remedy for anxiety and nausea. Cardamom can be said to be the best home remedy for cold, cough and fever during the change of climate. Cardamom also gives good results for problems like obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. The big news is that cardamom has anti-cancer properties. So, take 3 cardamoms in warm water daily before sleeping at night. Have a healthy life.


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