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Clove [கிராம்பு]


Relieves many pains and is a great remedy for flatulence, flatulence etc. * It is effective in making the body plump, helps in growth, balances the hair and regulates the blood flow. * Cloves stimulate the secretion of enzymes in the digestive organs.

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medicinal properties
It is used to cure toothache, scorpion sting, stomach ache, colic, flatulence, rectal flatulence etc.
Regulates hydrochloric (Hcl) acid secreted in the stomach. Stimulates the secretion of enzymes in the digestive organs. This relieves indigestion.
Aflatoxin (en:Aflatoxin Aflatoxin) in food can be destroyed by eugenol (en:Eugenol Eugenol) in cloves.
Thins the blood and lowers blood cholesterol.
Helps to get rid of bad breath.
It helps in fattening the body, promotes growth, balances heat and regulates blood flow.
Roasting clove powder and eating half gram of honey will stop vomiting. An astringent in cloves stimulates certain organs in the stomach and prevents vomiting.
Boiling four grams of cloves in three liters of water until it boils and drinking it cures cholera.
Eating cloves with a little table salt will relieve throat irritation and hoarseness and heal the throat. Roasted cloves are great for avoiding irritation caused by a blocked throat.
Three drops of clove oil mixed with honey and white garlic juice before going to bed will cure bronchitis caused by asthma.
Boil six cloves in 30 ml of water and mix honey in the decoction to control asthma.
Clove powder is mixed with tooth powder to cure bad breath, gum swelling and toothache. Applying clove oil on affected gums will help.
Heat a clove in 3-5 drops of essential oil and apply the oil to the painful ear to get relief.
Applying clove oil on the muscle spasm will help.
Grind cloves and salt in cow’s milk and apply the paste to get rid of headache. The water in the head is absorbed by the salt and the heaviness is reduced.
Rub cloves with water and use that water to get rid of inflammation in the eyelids.
Cloves are important for cooking, flavoring curries and making curry spices.
It is also used in perfumery and soap making.


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