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Dry Ginger [சுக்கு]


What are the benefits of Suku?
Surplus medicine for suku…
Magnificences of Suku

Powdered suk and mixed with lemon juice and consumed will remove bile. A decoction of sukku, peper, taniya, tippili, and siddhartha is made and consumed, and kadujali is cured in three days. Chewing a betel nut with a little sugar will relieve gas.

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This medicine, known as Trikatugam (combination of Suku, Paprika and Tippili), is used as an adjunct to many medicines. Trikatugam has the best carp. Relieves lung and digestive system problems. Removes chest colds and flu. Let’s look at the greatness of Shuk, the first element of the Trikaduga, which combines the efficiency of the Lung and Digestive Organs.

Suku Ushna Viryam has a carbuncle taste. It alters cough, reduces kapha, induces appetite, induces virility, induces secretion of breast milk. A medicine called Saubhagya Sundi is made from this. It is palatative, light in nature, and separates the stool. Ghee made from this will replace Grahani Roga. Eating Sukkah with jaggery will stop the hiccups. Sukuk kasha is expectorant and increases appetite. Milk boiled with suku reduces headache.

Brewed with vilvam, it cures vomiting. Eating sukum, jaggery and sesame seeds will change menstrual pain. Sukkai Ayurveda refers to it as ‘mahelashadam’. This means that the best of medicines is Suku. If you dry ginger well, you get suku.

Suku is a good medicine for children. Sukha is ground with one or two of mustard seeds, mace and nutmeg and used as a medicine.

Suku is also used as a birth control medicine. Ginger and chutney are used as anti-nausea during masaka.

There is a proverb that says “Shukku kuru me nanju, Katdkaiku agathe nanju”. So, peel off the skin and use it to make medicine. For toothache – chewing a piece of sukku in mouth will reduce toothache and gum pain.

Put two spoons of sukku powder in half a liter of water and boil it until it becomes a quarter liter and drink six spoons three times to get rid of stomach ache, constipation, dyspepsia, gulma, nausea and lack of taste.

Take equal amounts of suku, cumin and coriander seeds, add two spoonfuls of powder in half a liter of water, let it boil and drink it whenever you feel thirsty. This is the method of purifying drinking water at home.

To remove diarrhoea, grind 10 grams of suk and mix it into fermented buttermilk and take it three times a day for three days to control diarrhoea.

Prepare hot water by pounding the sukum and take a bath to relieve head aches and headaches. Attacks and destroys the virus that causes the common cold; Relieves headache. It helps in regular blood flow.

Reduces fat. Stimulates the central nervous system and helps the heart and respiratory muscles to function smoothly. Eating ginger juice mixed with milk cures stomach ailments and relaxes the body.

Including five grams of ginger in the diet every day can prevent heart attacks in heart patients. Studies show that ginger can help prevent any blockages in the heart’s blood vessels and dissolve new ones.

While cleaning the ginger, remove the outer skin very well. The skin on top of it is shriveled. Similarly, while cleaning the suk, apply lime on it and dry it in fire, then comb its skin well. This is very important; Do not use without cleaning.

After cleaning the ginger and removing the outer skin, cut it into small pieces and take 150 grams, and add the same amount of pure honey and after four days you can eat one or two pieces daily for one area. Then the body becomes healthy and bile is completely eliminated. Increase in longevity and complexion and beauty.


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