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Natural kombu Honey [கொம்பு தேன்]


The honey extracted from the trees in the hills has herbal medicinal properties and is suitable for consumption along with medicinal products. Honey has the power to remove bile, vomiting, phlegm-related diseases, flatulence, and remove toxins from the blood.


What are the benefits of honey?
Medicinal honey…
Many infectious diseases, malaria and measles can be prevented by drinking honey. Eating dates soaked in honey is good for iron. Nutrients are also available in honey, and eating rose petals soaked in honey gives strength, coolness and mineralization to the body.
What is the acid in honey?
Minerals: The most important minerals in honey are calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Amino acids: 100 g contains between 40-100 mg of amino acids. Other Acids: Honey contains 10 organic acids such as formic acid, malic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.
What is the acid in honey?
What are the medicinal properties of honey?
Honey is full of medicinal properties
* If you eat two spoons of honey an hour before eating, it reduces chest irritation, stomach ulcers and ulcers. * If you mix carrot juice with honey and eat it, anemia will decrease. Grate ginger and take juice mixed with honey to reduce bile


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