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Palm Jaggeryபனங்கருப்பட்டி


Uncontrolled diabetes can also cause some other effects on the body. Panangarupatti helps to avoid such damage in time. Blackberries contain potassium which is necessary to protect the heart. These help to clean the blood and keep the blood pressure under control


Tamil Nadu has more palm trees than any other state in India. It is unnecessary and unnecessary. The use of palm is Olai, Nungu, Padanir, Paaivellam and the list goes on. Black pepper plays an important role in these.

Although the medicinal benefits of papaya are hundreds of times greater than that of sugar, few people seek it. But when you eat white sugar, nutrients such as vitamin B and calcium already present in the body are absorbed to digest the white sugar which has no nutrients. Also, constant consumption of sugar causes severe stress on the liver, causing accumulation of fat in the liver, which affects the secretion of ‘insulin’ and leads to ‘diabetes’.

At the same time, it is an indisputable fact that various chemicals mixed during sugar production increase the risk of heart disease. Also, it makes all the important organs of the body like cancer, uterus, kidney, pancreas clean bolt. Moreover these chemicals start to affect our brain little by little. It also affects our genes and makes the next generation inherently diseased. Not only this, there are many diseases that have yet to be identified.

Blackberry is the medicine we got to get rid of the effects of sugar and other diseases. If blackberry is used properly as a substitute for sugar, most of today’s diseases will be gone without the need for medical expenses and drugs.

According to the principle of “food is medicine”, black pepper provides what the body needs at the time it needs as per the weather. Brings body movement to balance.

Medicinal benefits of Panangarupatti:

Panangarupatti is rich in iron and calcium. This increases immunity.

Rich in vitamin-B, and amino acids, blackcurrant controls diabetes.

For women who have reached puberty, if they make uradalli with black gram and urad, the uterus will be healthy. It is also high in fiber.

Panangarupatti: The black friend who says no to diseases!

Sauteed black pepper along with Garbmanik Spinach will cure dry cough and chronic colds.

Blackcurrant and Panangalkanth contain countless vitamins and minerals. Karuba Patti naturally cools the body. Its ‘glycemic index’ reduces the amount of sugar in the body to less than half that of white sugar.

You can drink blackberry coffee instead of sugar. It is high in calcium and immunity. Karupati Paniyar is suitable for children. Blackberry is loved by adults and children alike.


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