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Toor Dal (soil processed) துவரம் பருப்பு மண் கட்டியது


Mankatiya dal is more nutritious than other common dal. Due to soil construction, there is no worm and insect attack for a long time. Sambar, dal rice, dal ghee, dal green, dal powder gives good aroma and taste.


Ground pulses:
Dwari is a manavari crop, the skin of this dwari cannot be cooked as it is, it must be broken into two.

Tillage Farming Techniques:

This soil compaction is a very ancient agricultural technique, it also has another name as semmal compaction.. This semman stone should be golden in color without dust, the smell of this soil is like the fragrance of manoranjita flower that wafts in the monsoon season. It should be mixed, then it should be rubbed with the feet, water should be given after few hours when the moisture decreases.. Then it should be dried for four to five hours.

Due to this, the skin of the dwarves comes off easily and the whole nutriment of the dal remains intact for many days and provides the necessary protein for the internal maintenance of the body.



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