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Wood Pressed Coconut Oil [செக்கு தேங்காய் எண்ணெய்]



  • Using the best wood pressed coconut oil from Organic Express improves the flavour and texture of any dish.
  • It can be used for all sorts of cooking, including deep frying and stir frying. Apart from South Indian, Thai and Malaysian cuisines also use coconut oil.
  • This organic coconut oil is also used for hair and body massage. Many Ayurvedic procedures like Nasya treatment use organic oil due to its amazing anti – inflammatory values.

We at Organic Express offer the finest wood pressed coconut oil . The refreshing aroma and the rich nutrients will elevate the flavour and texture of the food to many levels. Our oil is 100% pure, chemical free, preservative free and gluten free. Nutritionists & health experts are recommending oils extracted by wooden press mills

Health Benefits of Wood Pressed Oils:

  • The rich antioxidant properties of the organic coconut oil ward off the development of many chronic and degenerative diseases.
  • This type of oil also promotes weight loss. As the coconut is crushed using low intensity pressure, it does not generate heat. This ensures that all the nutritional properties of the oil are intact.
  • Wood pressed oil lowers cholesterol and maintains cardiovascular health.
  • It also improves the health and appearance of the hair, as it prevents hair breakage and hair fall.
  • Applying oil to your skin nourishes and boosts its health and glow.


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